Meeting Tour

Major activities

  • Exhibition of Intelligence Introduction Achievements for Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening up
  • Achievements Exhibition of the Recruitment Program of Global Experts

Exhibitions and Meetings

  • Global Educational Exchange Summit
  • Matters Regarding the Application of Relevant Agencies to Exhibit in the Exhibition Areas for Foreign (Overseas) Expert Organizations
  • Notice on Overseas Training Cooperative Organizations Symposium 2018
  • Exhibition of “111 Program” Intelligence Introduction Achievements
  • Intelligence Introduction Projects and Talent Matchmaking of Central Government-owned Enterprises
  • Achievements Exhibition and Docking of Returnee Talents Programs
  • Matchmaking and Exchange Meeting for Software Talents Investment Projects
  • Special Section for Vocational Education and Highly Skilled Talents
  • Topic of International Technology Transfer and Innovation Cooperation
  • Asia-Pacific Human Resources Development and Service Fair
  • Global Educational Exchange Expo
  • Exhibition and Matchmaking Meeting of National Intelligence Introduction Achievements
  • Matchmaking Meeting for Foreign Expert Organization and Training Projects

Professional Meeting

  • Annual Salary:more than one Million! Recruitments of high-level Talents for Shenzhen Institute of Guangdong Ocean University
  • Professional Talents Big Data Forum
  • CEO Innovation Summit
  • International Innovation City Leaders Summit
  • International Forum on Education and Talent Development

Recruitment Activities

  • Job Fair for Foreign Talents
  • Job Fair for Returnee Talents
  • "Internet +" Job Fair
  • Intelligence Leading the Future—Employment Double-selection for University and College Graduates Nationwide
  • "Elite World" Recruitment Fair for Middle- and High-end Talents
  • Zhaopin.com Top 100 Enterprises' High-end Job Fair

International Competitions

  • The Second Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition in Shenzhen, China

Sub-conference venues

  • Longhua
  • Bao’an
  • Hong Kong
  • Germany



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